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BLACKRAPID | 2014 Magazine Campaign

BLACKRAPID  |  2014 Magazine Campaign

2014 was a big year for BlackRapid. Updates to the product line and innovations in the technology behind BlackRapid’s camera straps prompted us to aggressively target new audiences in the outdoor market segment as well as reasserting ourselves within the pro-sumer camera industry. To that end, we created a magazine marketing campaign that not only transitioned from the previous year stylistically but also pointed to where the brand intended to be within the next two year advertising cycle.

I designed and art directed all of the magazine advertising for 2014. Together with our photography ambassadors we gave BlackRapid a fresh presence in numerous industry specific publications.

BR_Shutterbug-mag-web BR_Outdoorphoto-mag-web BR_Outdoorphoto-C-mag-web BR_Outdoorphoto-B-mag-web BR_mensjournal-mag-web BR_mensjournal-B-mag-web