Ben Alberson Design



In my time with BlackRapid I completed re-brand that encompassed it’s presence in both print and digital realms. For this overhaul I created an entirely new packaging line, from concept to completion. My designs explored new shapes and packaging methods, integrated several languages to help consolidate inventory and facilitate distribution, and promote a lifestyle that our brand represents as well as the photographers who capture that lifestyle every day.

With this re-brand I also was in charge of restyling our company website to align with the new look and feel of BlackRapid.

From there, the design expanded to magazine publication, bus ads, internationally utilized displays, and online advertising. One of the things I’m most proud of with this project was its translation and evolution across numerous media types. I’m so pleased to see the breadth and flexibility this design has demonstrated, as well as its adaptability which I believe will keep it fresh and useful for several years to come.

BR_Packaging_001 BR_web-banners BR_Packaging_002 BR_collateral BR_AM-photo_082013 BR_AM-photo_072013 BR_bevel-proto BR_hex-proto