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Pokémon Spec Packaging

Pokémon Spec Packaging

I rediscovered a swathe of sketches I’d done when I was about 10 and decided to revisit the idea as though I were creating a new generation of Pokémon cards and packaging. This one was multi-dimensional; starting with the original illustrations for the monsters and creating my own content for them. The second phase was building the card layout and reinventing the logo. Lastly was making a tactile new type of packaging for the booster packs. I wanted something that would take roughly the same shipping space as the existing sleeves but more interactive and recyclable.

NOTE: I do not own or claim the rights to any intellectual property held by the Pokémon brand, nor do I represent the brand in any capacity. This is strictly personal work for my own edification. That said, they should totally create Detonite officially, I love that concept.


WEB-Pokemon_001-01WEB-Pokemon_011-01 WEB-Pokemon_010-01WEB-Pokemon_002-01WEB-Pokemon_003-01WEB-Pokemon_004-01WEB-Pokemon_006-01WEB-Pokemon_014-01 WEB-Pokemon_013-01 WEB-Pokemon_012-01 WEB-Pokemon_008-01WEB-Pokemon_007-01WEB-Pokemon_009-01